Zalora Malaysia Review

It’s 31 of October, people called it Halloween day, I called it Zalora day. That term only applicable to myself because what I’m going to wear today is all from the number one Malaysia online shopping. I hear a lot of complains bout Zalora Malaysia but here is my short review while preparing myself to go CLUBBINGGGG!!

Okay short review.. I know some friends who has bought stuff from during raya and was dissapointed that the stuff he waited for arrived 1 month late! I was like OMG!!! But I hear Zalora is a big company. How can a company as big as them with ads all over the net and TV have such complains? After consulting with a good friend of mine (which happens to own his own little software company or something) about Zalora, he has this to say which I thought was rather interesting

” Izannnn, yea Ive heard from Zalora. Never bought anything from them cuz Im not the online shopper type but from what I read and understand bout them then Id say that they are ok, normal. They are new and growing. They screw up , yea most start ups screws up no matter how experienced they are. Until now giants like Microsoft has haters. Windows 8 just launched but you get reviews of how messed up the OS is for people. And yet they make billions. In business or in life, you cant satisfy everybody. You know it and I know it. We screw up and we learn from our mistakes. Zalora seems to be fixing their issues to from the zalora review Ive heard recently”

To cut things short, I bought from Zalora and was not dissapointed 🙂 I also subscribe to Zalora twitter and the Zalora Blog  to get updates on the latest info.

Now back to my clubbing preparation. My theme for today is all the dark color (except for my bag). The reason is because I’m going to celebrate this Halloween day with my best friend at the Zouk Club Malaysia. So I need to wear something nice.

Here is what I’m going to wear. (All the pictures are from Zalora. I took from them because most of the pictures are clearer. my cheap mobile camera can only produce blur pictures.-.- )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love the necklace and ring. They have a very unique design 🙂

Well that’s what I’m going to wear today. It’s really a zalora day for me.. LOL

Enjoy your halloween!


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