Owl Necklace..

I was about to choose a necklace today as a birthday present for my best friend,, but something unexpected happening to me…

I know my best friend loves necklaces, and collecting them is her hobby.

She likes to match them with dresses, and shoes… I enjoy looking at the different necklaces that she wear everyday…

But, I just found out that I fall in love with a necklace.. This is really really something unexpected..

While searching on a jewelry shop three days ago, I found a cute owl necklace… I was planning to choose that as a birthday present for my best friend, but I found myself loving it… I love the design.. It’s so simple and beautiful…

So I bought two. One for me.. and one for her…
So when I give it to her yesterday on her birthday, she was surprise and very happy.. She said she saw this at Zalora and wanted to buy it, but she was broke.. So she said I was her fairy Godmother.. LOL..

We wore it today together to college, and surprisingly a few of my friends was asking where did I buy it, because they found it irresistible and cute. So they would like to have one..

I think, this is my first necklace that has attracted many people and to be honest I feel happy. 😀


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