Couple Sunglasses at Zalora MY

The Zalora Malaysia has this cool sunglasses with a lot of different style and sizes.

I love oversize sunglasses. It makes me look cool and at the same time mysterious, especially when the design match with my outfits.

Moreover, just recently they promote some couple pair of sunglasses, which I found ti suitable to wear it with my best friend.

Well, I don’t have a boyfriend, so I will change the BF term into Best Friend.

Besides that, my best friend also love this cool spectacles…

There are so many other design for sunglasses, and it took a special one to make the person wearing it look special and confident.

For me, the special one is this, it is a red in color and it isdesigned by Oliver Weber. I get this from Zalora accessories section in it’s website.

My best friend get this one. The dandelion square sunglasses, exactly the same as the couple eyewear.

A couple sunglasses that match us as a best friends, and we look cool together.


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